Virtual Staging can bring an empty house to life. You can add furniture, decor, and strategically placed elements to give a home charm and ambiance. Physically staging a house can take hundreds, even thousands of dollars after you rent furniture and pay someone to stage it. Then there are the logistics of loading the items in and out. There is an easier way. With virtual staging you can digitally furnish and stage photographs of an empty house.

We are well beyond the point where a Realtor or home owner can expect to sell a house with a couple of images taken with a cell phone. Not only does selling a home require good photography, it takes photos that can help convey the charm and warmth of a house. That's where virtual staging comes in. It better allows a potential buyer to envision the size and layout of a room. It's only logical that if your home's images and its decor are appealing, this will translate into more showings and more offers.

Compare the cost of our virtual staging with other providers. If you do a little comparison shopping you will find other virtual staging providers charging anywhere between $50-$100+ per image. Andrew McGibbon Photography charges just $40 per photograph. Have a look below at some of the virtual staging we have done. Hovering over each photo will allow you to see before and after photographs.