Google now gives your business the advantage of using its “Street View” technology to enhance your presence on Google with a google virtual tour. It allows potential customers a chance to visit your business using virtually. Once created, the tour will accompany your Google profile. This includes Google Maps and your Google My Business page on desktop, smartphones or tablets. What's more, the individual panoramas can be used on other virtual tour hosting platforms like Facebook 360.

Virtual reality glasses make it possible for a potential customer or home buyer to step into your home or business by just putting on a pair of VR glasses.


A Google Street View Trusted virtual tour is a 360° series of panoramic images that are taken of your business using specialized camera equipment. These are "stitched" together and uploaded to Google. The panoramas are connected using Google's software to create your virtual tour. Businesses can view and download a PDF about Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tours. If you are a theatre company, please download this PDF of our brochure.


People ask how to make a virtual tour? My answer is simple, for a highly-polished virtual tour, call Andrew McGibbon Photography. We will handle the entire process for you. Now, in order to create a Street View Trusted Virtual Tour for your business, it is first necessary to claim your business using Google's My Business tool. Please visit the Google My Business page to create or claim your business.

Google will need to confirm your business first. In most cases, they send you a postcard at your business address. We can help facilitate and streamline this process.


How much does it cost?
A Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour shoot is cost-effective and economical for businesses of any size. The only fee you pay is the cost of the shoot. There is no additional cost to have your virtual tour hosted on Google. To schedule a personal consult, please use the Contact form.

How long will a Google Street View Trusted Virtual tour shoot take?
Once your My Business listing has been created and verified, shooting the virtual tour usually takes under an hour for the average small business but can take up to a couple of days for large businesses such as theatres.

How soon will my virtual tour be available on Google?
Generally, a virtual tour will be up within 1-2 weeks of your shoot. In the case of larger projects such as theatre complexes, this process can take 2-3 weeks.

What will I get when I pay for a shoot?
When you sign up for a virtual tour with Andrew McGibbon Photography, we will also do a complete business photography shoot. Wide angle HDR (high dynamic range) photos of the exterior and interior of your business are taken and post-processed to give you vibrant photography for use in marketing and advertising.

What else can I do with a Google Street View | Trusted Virtual Tour once it is created?
You can embed your tour on your own website and create a link in your email signature to further promote your business. Individual panoramas can also be uploaded to Facebook using their Facebook 360 tool.